• Branding500mg Usage Policy

    Since we built the first beta of Branding500mg, we’ve been striving to provide the best product and service quality to our customers and we expect that both execution and quality are ones of core value for our customers as well.

    That is why we introduced a checklist with 11 basic rules to ensure our customers commit to the quality of communication as much as we do and use Branding500mg for its initial purpose of sending personal emails at scale.

    By using our product, you agree to this Usage Policy and acknowledge that the rules mentioned below are mandatory and must be followed. Please read them carefully.

    1. Low Bounce Rate

    Our first rule is strongly related to a crucial campaign metric – bounce rate. When using Branding500mg, please, make sure your bounce rate does not exceed 25% at any time.

    2. Spam Bounce Rate

    Spam Bounce Rate is the number of bounced emails due to SPAM reasons. It’s calculated as a ratio of spam-bounced emails to all emails sent in a Branding500mg account. If this metric exceeds 1%, we retain the option to suspend the account immediately.

    This issue may be caused by a low quality prospect list with a lot of outdated or incorrect emails (see details below) that may hurt your domain reputation and negatively affect your future campaigns.

    3. Valid Emails

    Since some emails from your list can be outdated or belong to people that are not related to the same business anymore, there is a bigger problem – invalid or non-existent emails of your prospects. The share of such emails should not exceed 20% for any campaign.

    To address this issue, you can use any email verification platform of your choice or Branding500mg’s in-house feature that has the same effect. Validating your prospect list will guarantee much better delivery rates of your campaigns and will help you ensure that your sender reputation will not be damaged by a high bounce rate.

    4. Open Rate

    As we all know, the more emails are opened, the better the chances they get to be responded. Make sure your open rate is over 20% for any campaign.

    If you are new to outreach or if you have doubts, feel free to implement our best practices and tips on how to increase your open rate. You’re also welcome to make use of subject line A/B test options and read our blog posts for relevant information.

    5. Reply Rate

    When you have a high quality prospect list and good open rate, it’s not difficult to get enough replies to cover your needs. Make sure your reply rate is higher than 4% after first step email and one follow up are sent.

    To increase your reply rate, you can use email body A/B testing in campaign steps or read our blog posts for more information.

    6. CAN-SPAM Act Compliance

    Make sure that your all your email campaigns comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.
    Before sending any email sequence, familiarize with CAN-SPAM Act or any similar regulation that might be available in the country of residents of your contacts.

    7. Opt Out Rate

    If you’re carrying out an outbound campaign, you should always have the opt-out link available for your contacts. In addition to this, please, make sure you keep your Opt Out rate under 10%.

    In order to improve your Opt Out rate, you can use the following recommendations on building a prospect list on a limited budget or, if you don’t know who your potential customers are, start with a buyer persona profile.

    8. Opt Out Link & Text

    This rule corresponds with CAN-SPAM Act compliance, however, we think is deserves a separate rule. By using Branding500mg, you agree to always include an opt-out link when sending cold email campaigns. Though, within this rule, you are free to customize your link text to make your email look as if it has been written manually.

    9. No Generic Emails

    For better outreach, we advise to avoid using generic email addresses (such as info@, sales@, support@ etc.) not related to a certain person in your prospect list.
    For more information, please read our blog.

    10. Email Attachments

    Though using email attachments throughout your outreach campaign isn’t prohibited, we strongly recommend to minimize its usage as much as possible since it makes your emails fall into spam folders.

    This is especially important for cold contacts, their first-step emails and initial follow ups. If you have a ‘warm’ campaign and prospects that you have already contacted in the past, attachments become more acceptable to use.

    11. Formatting

    Branding500mg was made to keep your communication personal while put on autopilot to save your time and efforts and help you focus on real sales.

    That’s why we recommend not to use too much formatting and keep your emails short, clear and straight to the point. If in doubt, feel free to read our blog posts.

    Please be aware that this Usage Policy is obligatory for all Product users and violating rules mentioned above may result in account suspension.