• Why Mail500mg?

    Mail500mg offers a way out of the laborious and time-consuming process of manually sending out cold emails. It’s automated process saves your time and cuts down your expenses thereby helping you attract leads in the
    most cost-effective manner. Mail500mg also comes with other wonderful features such as multiple
    SMTP management, template management, contact list management and personalization which
    facilitate your emails with a uniqueness (give a unique quality to your emails) which increases the
    probability of you making it into the recipient’s inbox and grabbing their attention.

    How it Works

    Now, that you have an idea about this wonderful platform, you must be curious as to how it exactly works. Let us show you how….


    Mail500mg online platform gives you almost all the facilities of a common email marketing platform i.e. Sending SMTP/Email ids Management, Contact List Management, Email Template Management and Campaign Management

    So, in-short you can add all the email ids that you want to use, import your contacts into a list, create a personalized template that you want to send, finally start the email campaign and then check reports.


    While online application manages everything, the Desktop Application actually sends the campaign that you have started.

    It is always in sync with your online control panel and while sending emails it also informs your online control panel about the performance of the sender email ids.

    Mail500mg Desktop Application supports all the common operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux.


    The sole purpose of Android App is to make your life easier because when you are rolling the campaigns from multiple ids, it's hard to login into each one of them, see the responses and followup etc.

    INBOX500mg mobile app connects to your online application and fetches all the smtps you have in your account. Now you can see all your replies and respond to them in one app. And you can also create your own reply templates which you can use any number of times.

    It also facilitates you to manage your lists i.e. you can mark a reply as Lead, Inactive, Unsubscribe and it will sync with your online control panel.

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