• Synchronization

    All the contacts that will be marked as leads on INBOX500mg or MAIL500mg will automatically synchronize with LEADBOX500mg. So, LeadBox 500mg will act as a point of convergence between MAIL500mg and INBOX500mg- the information exchange will provide the user with data such as the contact number of a prospect which in turn will facilitate the user with sending an sms or making a call to a potential client, thereby speeding up the marketing process.

    Lead Acquisition and Processing

    Once a lead has been acquired, the next step for a marketer is to engage with the prospect by means of a lead nurturing process, the final outcome of which is the procurement of a loyal customer. We are currently working on developing API’s for different CRM’s, CMS’ and ECM platforms that will pick up the data from our tool and use that for furthering the leads into the sales funnel.

    Status Managment

    You can change the status of your leads from fresh to inactive to sales depending upon their position in the lead processing & nurturing cycle. This keeps you updated about the exact status of your leads and take decisions based upon that.

    Lead Managment

    You can manage your leads in the most effortless manner. You can also view every detail pertaining to your leads on this platform such as:

    • Contact details of the person such as Name, Company Name, Title, Mobile Etc.
    • The date and time as to when that contact was marked as lead
    • Usage history i.e. your message to the prospect which includes Email, List and Campaign Name
    • The reply to your message by the prospect which includes the subject line, sender id, recipient id as well the date and time).
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