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Does using Mail500mg affect my personal email ids

No, it does not affect your personal email ids. intellymail allows you to send cold emails through an intelligently-designed automated process which puts a capping on the maximum number of emails that you can send in a day thereby protecting your id from being blocked.

How many emails can I send from my personal email ids

It totally depends upon the kind of email id that you have and how old it is. For example, every personal id gives you the facility to send upto 300 emails in a day but it does not mean you can do that everyday. So, if you are using your personal id regularly, Mail500mg restricts you from sending more than 50 emails in a day. For Gsuite email ids there is an upper limit of 2000 emails on a daily basis.

How many emails can I send from my G suite Account

Gsuite email addresses are allowed to send maximum 2000 emails in a day but if you are using them on a regular basis it is advised to send less than 1000 emails in a day. Mail500mg by itself restricts you from sending more than 2000 emails in a day from G suite ids.

Is there any difference between SMTP and Email id

There is no difference between an SMTP and email id. An SMTP is the email id from which you send out the emails to your prospects.

How can I setup my Gsuite email id with Mail500mg

You just need to allow less secure apps in order to be able to setup your Gsuite email id with intellymail.

How to start the desktop application in Windows

Mail500mg supports windows 7 8 and 10.

You can download the latest Windows version from your my account section. Then follow these steps.

Step 1: Please extract your downloaded file

Step 2 : Run the Mail500mg desktop application.

Step 3 : Enter your Mail500mg user Email id and Password

Step 4 : Done – your application starts the activity automatically.