• Inbox Management

    Imagine reaching out to hundreds of your leads via email as quickly as possible! Sounds fantastical? Isn’t it? Well, this is no more a fantasy…you can easily manage your inbox with the help of our mobile application because the information regarding all your SMTPs is synchronized on the mobile app.

    Reply & Forward

    Actions such as “reply and forward” are just a tap away! Sounds supercool, huh!! Well, that is our mobile app for you. You can reply back to a recipient by just a tap on the message. Similarly, if you wish to forward a particular message, you can do so by just clicking on it and choosing the forward option.

    Custom Reply Template

    You probably hadn’t heard of anything like this before!! The mobile app allows you to create your own custom reply templates which you can use any number of times which saves you from the labor of writing the same type of email again and again.

    Mark as lead, unsubscribe, de-activate, and delete

    Who would’ve thought that lead management could be so easy and fun? No more going through the arduous process of logging into each one of your ids, tracking the client response and taking an action based on that. You can now delete and de-activate a contact as well as mark him/her as lead or unsubscribe them in just a matter of a few seconds!

    Reply With business email id's

    Here’s another feature that you folks would absolutely love!! Sending out an email from the mobile application is not only restricted to your personal email ids. You can even use your business email ids to reply back to a prospect.

    So, what are you waiting for?
    Download the app and make your life easy!!

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