• Challenges Sparked The IDEA...

    Having been active in the marketing domain for more than 8 years now, we, at iDreamBiz, are well aware of the challenges faced by marketers with regard to cold emailing, lead generation, lead management and nurturing. We have thus founded a platform by the name of Branding 500mg to relieve marketers from all these hassles.

    Branding 500mg is equipped with a number of tools that simplify, automate and accelerate the processes involved in the various stages of marketing which in turn saves your


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    These tools have been designed to simplify your life as a marketer while giving you an edge over your competitors

    In an era where the internet space is flooded with tools that claim to streamline your marketing process but actually end up burning a hole in your pocket, iDreamBiz’s Branding 500mg comes as a breath of fresh air! iDreamBiz is an organization that has made its mark as a global powerhouse in Digital Marketing, Email Campaign Management and IT solutions. Leading a trail of companies to super success we have proved our mettle time and time again.

    Perfection is what we aim at- excellence is what we deliver!

    8 years, 1000 clients and the numbers continue to grow each day!
    A big Thank You to our esteemed clientele who "Believed" & "Trusted" us

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